Paris, France


Restaurant: Archestrate
Chef: Alain Senderens
Location: Paris, France
Long Lat: 48.86N, 2.32E
Dish: lobster, mango and duck confit AND/OR foie in cabbage
Era: 1980s

Paris, France


Restaurant: Ducasse
Chef: Alain Ducasse
Location: Paris
Long Lat: 48.866193N, 2.304214E
Dish: Baba au Rhum
Website: here

Gipuzkoa, Spain


Restaurant: Mugaritiz
Chef: Andoni Luis Aduriz
Location: Gipuzkoa, Spain
Long Lat: 43.272282N, 1.917127W
Dish: Edible stones/egg splattered
Website: here

Melbourne, Australia

Flower Drum

Restaurant: Flower Drum
Chef: Anthony Liu (?) or Gilbert Lau
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Long Lat: -37.811895, 144.969313E
Dish: Drunken pigeon
Website: here

Sydney, Australia


Restaurant: Tetsuya
Chef: Tetusya Wakuda
Location: Sydney, Australia
Long Lat: -33.875132, 151.205367
Dish: Scampi pasta
Website: here

7th arrandisement Paris


Restaurant: L’Arpege
Chef: Alain Passard
Location: 7th arrandisement Paris
Long Lat: 48.86N, 2.32E
Dish: Fresh peas with strawberries
Website: here

Saulieu, Bourgogne, France

Relais Bernard Loiseau

Restaurant: Relais Bernard Loiseau
Chef: Bernard Loiseau
Location: Saulieu, Bourgogne, France
Long Lat: 47.279494N, 4.228680E
Dish: Chicken cooked in pig’s bladder with truffle rice
Website: here

Hong Kong

Mak’s Noodle

Restaurant: Mak’s Noodle
Chef: Mak Chi-ming
Location: Hong Kong
Long Lat: 22.283009N, 114.154520E
Dish: Noodles with shrimp roe and oyster sauce

London, England

The River Cafe

Restaurant: The River Cafe
Chef: Ruth Rogers
Location: London, England
Long Lat: 51.482880, -0.223288
Dish: Wood-fired turbot
Website: here

Bray, England

Fat Duck

Restaurant: Fat Duck
Chef: Heston Blumenthal
Location: Bray, England
Long Lat: 51.507815, -0.701808
Dish: Egg and bacon ice-cream with pain de mie
Website: here


Joel Robuchon

Restaurant: Joel Robuchon
Chef: Joel Robuchon
Location: Paris
Long Lat: 48.856674, 2.327906
Dish: Truffle tart
Website: here

California, USA

French Laundry

Restaurant: French Laundry
Chef: Thomas Keller
Location: California, USA
Long Lat: 38.404423, -122.364978
Dish: Oysters and pearls
Website: here

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