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How to make the perfect summer cocktail

Making a summer cocktail is an art requiring the perfect balance of flavours, textures and seasonal ingredients. Rockpool Dining Group National Bar Manager Ryan Gavin talks tips and how to recreate a Bar Patrón  by Rockpool classic at home.

To create a summer cocktail at home, start with a light, white spirit such as tequila or vodka. The spirit is the true hero of a summer cocktail, so use a premium brand such as Patrón to ensure top quality taste.

Add bright, fruity and seasonal flavours reminiscent of summer such as mango, lime, lychee or orange and avoid heavy textures such as milk and chocolate.

“The perfect summer cocktail must be fruity and zesty, light yet flavourful, subtly sweet with palpable citrus notes and served bracingly cold,” says Ryan.

Ingredients can be mixed, muddled, juiced or sliced and used as a fresh garnish. Make sure the correct cocktail making tools are on hand, such as a measuring cup, cocktail shaker, juicer and strainer.

Horchata Collada
Bar Patrón by Rockpool’s take on a Pina Collada. Smooth and fresh with hints of coconut.


  • 45ml Patrón Coconut Silver
  • 15ml lime juice
  • 35ml pineapple juice
  • 50ml horchata
  • 5ml coconut syrup


Shake ingredients thoroughly and strain. Serve in a rocks glass. Top with cubed ice and garnish with fresh pineapple.