Grilled Baby Octopus with Daikon and Shiitake Furikake


  • Shitake Furikake
  • • 15g dried shiitake powder
  • • 10g dried bonito flakes (see recipe below)
  • • 10g black sesame seeds
  • • 15g Korean chilli flakes

  • Dried Bonito Flakes
  • • 10g dried bonito
  • • 20ml shiro dashi

  • Compressed Daikon
  • • 10ml rice vinegar
  • • 9ml lime juice
  • • 2g sugar
  • • 40g daikon, peeled and cut into 10–15mm dice

  • Chilli Oil
  • • 100g long red chilli, deseeded
  • • 100ml vegetable oil

  • BBQ Baby Octopus
  • • 120g of baby octopus (cleaned)
  • • 20ml grapeseed oil
  • • Sea salt, for seasoning
  • • 5-10g of red vein sorrel (for garnish)


Shiitake furikake

  • Mix all ingredients together

 Dried bonito flakes

  • Mix ingredients together
  • Spread out on a tray lined with parchment paper and dry overnight at 45°C

Compressed daikon

  • Mix vinegar, lime juice and sugar until sugar has dissolved
  • Place all ingredients in a vacuum bag and compress on full vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum bag, simply dress the daikon with the dressing and allow to sit for six hours

Chilli oil

  • Pour vegetable oil into a jar, add the chilli and seal with a lid.

BBQ baby octopus

  • Mix octopus with grapeseed oil, sprinkle with sea salt
  • BBQ on high heat, preferably over hot charcoal, for about four minutes (depending on size of octopus), and a good char has been achieved
  • Cut legs individually and cut the head into smaller bite sized pieces
NOTES: To Serve
• Sprinkle 4g of shitake furikaki over the daikon and mix well until coated
• Arrange daikon on plate, top with baby octopus
• Drizzle octopus with 10ml of chilli oil and garnish with red vain sorrel

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