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Quintessential dishes for the Australia Day long weekend

Australian cuisine is synonymous with fresh ingredients and quality produce. As a multicultural society, dishes quintessential of Australia are infused with flavours and made with different techniques from around the world.

While Vegemite, snags and shrimp on the barbie lay claim to the most iconic Australian fare, it is the dishes which hero seasonal ingredients, fresh produce and flavours from land to sea, that are the true Aussie classics.

Australia Day lamb, mint & pea pie
Lamb, mint & pea pie: Earl Carter

Prawns, beef and roast chicken are a staple protein for any Australian dish. Added to salads, or simply served with sides and sauces, each are versatile, easy to prepare and sure to please the entire family at a long weekend BBQ. Asian herbs and spices, such as coriander and chilli, also help to bring out the flavour of each meaty element.

Meanwhile, fresh leaves and thick chunks of avocado are reminiscent of Aussie summers and are a perfect addition to any Australia Day picnic dish. Other authentic Australian creations include hearty meat pies, freshly grilled fish dowsed in olive oil and sweet, fruit-based desserts.

Get inspired with these five recipes this Australia Day:

BBQ prawns & pepper sauce

Lamb, mint & pea pie

Summer pudding

Roast chicken, avocado and rustic grain salad

Whole roasted ocean trout with lemon & thyme