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One Margarita, coming up!

Originating along the borders of Mexico, the margarita is a timeless cocktail creation with a colourful history.

According to legend, the margarita was first mixed in 1942 in Juarez, along the border of Mexico and the United States, in a bar called Tommy’s Place.

The name “margarita” originally comes from the Spanish word for “daisy”, which is associated with the drink’s fresh, bright and floral notes.

Usually made with tequila, lime and orange liqueur, the margarita is a seamless combination of salty, sweet, bitter and sour.

“The salt of the rim cuts through the bitterness of the tequila, while lime evokes citrus notes which are perfectly balanced with sweet hints of agave,” says Rockpool Dining Group National Bar Manager, Ryan Gavin.

At Bar Patrón, margaritas are made using the world’s highest quality, artisanal tequila: Patrón.

“We use Patrón, which is a premium tequila, meaning we don’t need as many additional non-alcoholic ingredients to create flavour. Our margaritas are simple and made to absolute perfection.”

Jason Loucas: Bar Patron margarita
Jason Loucas: Bar Patrón margarita

Bar Patrón offers three exquisite margarita variations: the classic, a choice of Patrón Silver or Roca tequila, orange citronage, lime and sherbet; chipotle, made with  Patrón Silver, chipotle, paprika, lime and agave; and Tommy’s, made with Patrón Roca silver, lime and agave.

A luxury addition to Bar Patrón’s margarita list, the Millionaire’s Margarita is custom-made table-side and features Gran Patrón Platinum tequila, freshly squeezed citrus juice and a salt-laced rim.

One Bar Patrón’s Tommy’s Margarita, coming up

• 50ml Patrón Roca Silver
• 20ml lime juice
• 10ml agave syrup
• Flaked sea salt

For the salt rim
Juice limes into a shallow bowl. Dip in rim of rocks glass then transfer to a shallow bowl filled with sea salt flakes. Remove.

For the margarita
Stir together and strain. Serve in a rocks glass. Top with cubed ice.