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Five simple stone fruit recipes by Neil Perry

Peaches, plums and cherries galore. There’s nothing quite like fresh stone fruit at the peak of summer.

These seasonal jewels are juicy, sweet and at their prime in Australia between October and February. Most stone fruits, such as mangoes, nectarines, apricots and lychees, share the commonality of a hard pit and soft outer layer.

The flesh of each is soft, fragrant and leaves a candy-coated residue from its naturally sugary composition. Australia’s warm, dry climate is ideal for the growth of summer stone fruit and promotes a healthier, fuller harvest.

Neil Perry’s peaches with zabaglione: Earl Carter

Grilled, baked, or just as they are, stone fruits are simple to use and easy to prepare. From glazes and jams, to tarts and cakes, there are endless recipes to satisfy a sweet tooth. This summer, impress your guests with a stone fruit recipe from Rockpool Dining Group Culinary Directory Neil Perry.

Five stone fruit recipes worth trying:


Peach, ginger & vanilla pudding

Plum & hazelnut tart

Cherries in red wine

Island holiday dessert

Coconut & yoghurt cake with compote