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Five things you didn’t know about Banoffee Pie


Banoffee Pie is a luxurious, layered dessert of buttery biscuit crumb, soft toffee, Chantilly cream and sliced banana. For maximum indulgence the layers can be made quite thick, and shaved chocolate sprinkled over the top.
1. The word ‘banoffee’ is a hybrid of ‘banana’ and ‘toffee’ that are the key ingredients in banoffee pie.

2. Two Englishmen claim to be the inventors of Banoffee Pie. Nigel Mackenzie, the owner of The Hungry Monk Restaurant in East Sussex, and his chef Ian Dowding were playing around with an American recipe for Blum’s Coffee Toffee Pie when they struck upon the idea of adding banana and came up with the quirky name. Banoffee Pie soon became a national favourite, appearing on menus across the country.

3. Banoffee Torta has been on the Fratelli Fresh menu for over 14 years, thanks to one of the group’s original English chefs. Our customers protest every time we try to remove it.

4. Fratelli Fresh sells on average 850 pieces of Banoffee Torta every week across our eight restaurants in Sydney.

5. Our pastry chefs go through 300 tins of condensed milk and 300 packets of digestive biscuits every week to hand-make our Banoffee Torta.

Fratelli Fresh will sell its 65,000th slice of its signature (and incredibly irresistible) hand-made Banoffee Pie some time during November. In celebration of this momentous milestone, the lucky customer who buys the 65,000th slice will win a year’s supply of this delicious dessert (one slice, every single week for one year).