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Chirashi Sushi: Prepare To Be Bowled Over


Chirashi – A colourful confetti of toppings and a bowl of perfect vinegared rice; it’s a harmonious meeting of simple Japanese flavours, the ultimate one-bowl meal.

Chirashi is the type of sushi that most of us have never heard of, despite it being on the scene since the 18th Century, or for as long as its maki sushi (sushi roll) cousins.
The word chirashi means scattered, which describes the way in which piles of primarily raw fish, or sashimi, and colourful garnishes known as gu are arranged on top of a bowl of rice, albeit artistically.

Toppings vary by region in Japan: from simple to elaborate, seafood to vegetarian, raw to cooked. The beauty of the chirashi bowl lies in its versatility and variety: there are no set recipes, no rules.

The colourful explosion of tastes and textures are mixed together carefully with chopsticks.
Chirashi combines all the beautiful ingredients and elements of nigiri and maki sushi: it’s just consumed from a bowl, rather than in bite-sized parcels.

A big bowl of sushi: what’s not to love about that?